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Our tooling engineers know the extrusion process from start to finish, and they know the capabilities of our equipment and our quality team. With that knowledge they can tool your profiles to the specific tolerances you have requested.

And we understand deadlines, too. With three of the most up to date presses in the industry today, and a fourth being added, we can adjust production schedules to meet your delivery demands or even run multiple jobs at the same time.


Our equipment is among the newest and most advanced in the industry, allowing us to run “hands free” (untouched) throughout the process, right up to packaging for shipment.

This automation significantly reduces required labor – which lowers your costs. One of the biggest scrap and reject factors in aluminum extrusion is “handling damage.” With our state-of-the-art line, these problems are virtually eliminated.

We are committed to improving quality and lowering costs. That’s what attracts customers to Ontops Aluminum Solutions… and our record of client retention is second-to-none.

Please see just a sample of the functional and intricately detailed shapes, finishes and fabrications manufactured for our clients over the past year – in the image window below.

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