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Aluminium castings presently find application in a wide range of industrial applications. Other than being used by power generation equipment manufacturers, it is also used in the manufacturing processes of electrical and other associated industries. With present facilities of modern foundry, pattern shop & machine shop as well as arrangements for heat treatment & ultra-sonic tests also helps us to improve quality of castings everyday and deliver utmost satisfaction to our esteemed customers.

Our Expertise
As leading partners in the field of Aluminium Die Casting, Machined as well as Painted Assemblies, we successfully combine together latest technologies/platforms as well as rich experience gained in flawlessly handling the High Speed & High Precision Machining Centers. Our expertise also lies in offering turnkey production solutions that include but are not limited to tooling, machining, casting, pressure testing, mold alteration, plating, powder coating as well as assembly.

Casting Processes
We hold expertise in undertaking aluminium casting production using following processes.

This is commonly referred to as air-set process that uses chemically bonded sand for producing medium to very large castings. Here, the best part-to-part dimensional accuracy can be successfully achieved on large complex castings. Other than this, large to medium size cores can are also be manufactured using this process.

  • Most Efficient Sand Casting Technology Used

  • Expertise in Handling Larger More Complex Castings

  • Expertise in Creating High Strength Molds

Dry Sand
This molding process is used for intricate aluminium castings where refractory coating can also be applied to parting line surface for improving strength as well as heat-resistant characteristics.

Semi-Permanent Mold
This mold casting process allows castings in range from ounces to more than 100 lb. Further, various complex shapes can also be cast out using Aluminum alloys as well as these metal castings can also be cored.

Permanent Mold
These permanent molds make use of various Hall & Stahl hydraulic tilt pour machines. The use of this technique helps in reducing metal tumbling during pouring, thus resulting in superior metal quality.

Testings Done
In the field of Aluminium Castings, customer's quality requirements are ever increasing. Our experience and expertise in such castings adds to our ability to offer competitive solutions that meet the defined finish and production time line. For achieving flawless finish quality, some of the tests that are conducted from our end include

Simulation and Analysis Tests
Use of advanced simulation & testing software gives us advantage of testing all tools designed for gate design, cast fill, over flow design This process is achieved by conducting mould fill simulation as well as thermal analysis of designs at actual production parameters

This ensures good cast-ability as we are well aware of optimum machine parameters.

Other than this, the other quality testing done from our end include:

  • Heat Treatment

  • X-Ray Capabilities

  • Ultra-Sonic testing

  • Liquid Penetrant Testing

  • Welding

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